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What's the difference between a standard card and a custom-designed card?

Mechanically, both cards have the same function with respect to sharing information. The difference between the two is design. With our custom-designed cards, you have the ability to personalise your V1CE card to suit you. Either upload your own design, create your own or give inspiration to one of our V1CE designers to create your own personal masterpiece.

What phones are compatible?

All Androids and all newer aged iPhones are compatible with our V1CE tap feature. With older modelled iPhones, you can achieve the same effect by using your camera to scan the QR code on our cards. 

Please see here for our full compatibility list:


Can I get a custom-designed card for my company?

Yes, you can! Just purchase one of our custom-designed cards and choose your design.

Do smartphones need an app to use this technology?

No, it's as simple as tap and go. As this technology is similar to Apple and Android Pay, 9/10 phones are now compatible with all of V1CE’s features. 

What can I do with my V1CE card?

The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we find that the most common uses are transferring information that normally take minutes to do in just a few seconds. 

Please see our top 5 case studies here for more ideas:


Do you ship worldwide?


Do you sell in bulk?

Yes, we do. Please send an email to info@v1ce.co.uk for more information on pricing and packaging.

Is V1CE secure?

V1CE is as secure as any new-age technology and as safe as the information you put on it. It only works within an inch of a compatible device, and can only share, rather than extract information.

In addition, there is no financial information stored. All details shared are typically details you will have on any of your traditional business cards.

Can I update my details?

Yes! You can sign in at any time and change all of your details to suit your needs. What's better, when you update your contact number, it automatically updates to anyone that has previously tapped your card!

Does the V1CE card work in any country?

Yes, it does.

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, just make a one time purchase and be on your way.

Can the V1CE card transmit with a phone case on?

Yes, we have tested over 5000 different cases with a 97% success rate. However, in very rare cases, you may need to remove the phone case.