how do I set my card up?


step 1

  • Tap or Scan your NFC card to bring up the safari pop up.
    * Use if you have not yet created a profile & wish to do so on desktop.

step 2

  • Log in to your existing profile OR create a profile here to activate your card. 
  • *If you are an existing customer or have created a profile previously please log in with the details, failure to do so will leave you with duplicate accounts & an unlinked account. 

step 3

  • Ensure your items are switched on here. Toggle into the "on" position

step 4

  • Create your actions that you would like shown on the card. 

step 5

  • We recommend creating a Contact Card. 

step 6

  • If you are looking for a way to deliver many actions at once, create a link tree. 

step 7

  • Edit your linktree and add all the actions you have created to complete your profile and V1CE card set up. 

step 8

  • Select an action that you would like to share. Whatever action you click here is what transmits to your future clients.