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Refund Policy



Our cancellation policy applies to all customisable V1CE© products. 

A cancellation is only valid after confirmation. An email should be sent to you confirming that your order has been cancelled, after which, a full refund will be provided.




On Custom V1CE©Models, refunds are dependent on the stage of cancellation. 

Cancellations made within 30 days of purchase are granted a full refund. 




If you have received a printed product with which you are dissatisfied, please email pictures of the product to hello@v1ce.co.uk, highlighting what you consider deficient, so that we may advise and make changes where necessary.

In some cases, you may be asked to return the product, please do not do so until directed. 

Any error in production, or if you have received something different from the approved proof, your product will be reprinted with no additional cost to you. 

We cannot, however, be responsible for customer errors, inability to visualise the final product or ignorance with respect to warnings* sent out with all artwork proofs. 

*Please refer to your Artwork Proof to see warnings. 



Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! 

In the event that you have received a defective product, a replacement will be sent to you at no additional cost. 

Here at V1CE©, we are committed to going above and beyond to see you satisfied, whatever your disappointment. 

If there are any issues or concerns with your V1CE© order, please feel free to send an email to hello@v1ce.co.uk so we can get it resolved as quickly as possible.